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London's cycle lanes left neglected as snow continues to fall

Joe Robinson
28 Feb 2018

Adjacent roads fully gritted yet many cycle lanes and pedestrian pavements left untouched in across London

As the 'Beast from the East' continues to batter Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it appears that Transport for London has neglected cycle lanes across the capital as some remain inches under snow. 

Photos of the cycle superhighway 2 that runs from Stratford to Aldgate show it still cobvered in snow despite the adjacent road being fully cleared. 

Despite wide spread weather warnings for yesterday and this morning, it seems as TfL failed to treat the segregated cycleway despite having fully gritted the road parallel.

This would have come as a frustration to those who decided to cycle in today despite the inclement weather. Cycling is now the most used transport mode on many London bridges in rush hour and so clearing roads but not cycle lanes and pavements caters to a less vulnerable minority.

As the tweet eludes to, it seems as if the more vulnerable road users have been overlooked at this time when they are left even more exposed while car drivers have been made the priority.

With heavy snow predicted to continue through Thursday and Friday, we hope that TfL recognise this fault and grit the many cycle lanes around London used by thousands each day.

CS2 is one of the busiest segregated cycle highways in the capital bringing riders from East London and Essex into the capital.

Further north, it looks like Leeds City Council may have got things right, with the above tweet showing a fully cleared cycle lane running next to an equally clear road.

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