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Chris Froome dealt blow by UKAD data

Joe Robinson
1 Mar 2018

Latest information from UKAD contradicts Dave Brailsford claims, dealing blow to Froome's potential defence

New information surrounding the on-going Chris Froome salbutamol case could deal a major blow to his expected defence. A Freedom of Information request by the Press Association revealed that all three adverse analytical findings for salbutamol dealt with by UK Anti-Doping between January 2015 and December 2017 led to anti-doping rule violation cases.

It also showed that within this 36 month period, salbutamol cases counted for just three of all 109 adverse analytical findings with all cases for the asthma drug leading to subsequent cases.

The data also told that bans had been handed in other sports of the presence of salbutamol in their urine.

These facts contradict the words of Team Sky manager Dave Brailsford at last month's Ruta del Sol and will likely land a blow to expected defence being prepared by Froome and his team.

In an interview with Sky Sports News, Brailsford said, 'It has been proven that even if you take your puffer less than the amounts which you’re entitled to you can excrete more than the threshold in your urine.

'It has been proven time and time again, it can happen.'

However with only 2.7% of the AAF cases dealt with by UKAD in the past three years concerned with salbutamol, with all being forwarded to a violation case, it suggests differently to the words of Brailsford.

It is expected that Froome will argue his urine return of 2000ng/ml of salbutamol - double the legal amount - was not due to excessive consumption rather that his kidneys malfunctioned, excreting a concentrated volume of salbutamol in his urine test.

However, with it appearing that all salbutamol cases dealt with by UKAD in the past three years progressed further than just the AAF, it is looking difficult for Froome and Team Sky.

The four-time Tour de France champion will continue his season at Tirreno-Adriatico on Wednesday 8th March as preparation for the Giro d'Italia in May.

It is expected Froome will continue to compete while the case remains an AAF.