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Alex Dowsett launches Cyclism coaching

Alex Dowsett Cyclism
Ollie Gill
16 Sep 2015

The new launch from Alex Dowsett will help amateurs reach their goals by living the pro experience.

'The idea started from the fact that a lot my friends, and other cyclists where I am from in Essex, seemed to be interested in the experience of being a pro cyclist and "my world"', explained Dowsett. In order to deliver this experience, the Movistar rider has pooled together a collection of coaches, and other sports professionals, who have helped him through his career to date. These include his personal coach Mark Walker, sports scientist Eleanor Jones and James Millard, who oversees performance and strategy. 

'All of the team are endorsed directly by me, and are people who I would be happy to work with; so clients can be assured that they are getting the highest standard of service. Something that a pro rider would be accustomed to,' says Dowsett. The next facet of the pro experience that Cyclism intend to explore is providing fully supported rides, giving the closest possible feeling to what the pro's get when racing.

Returning to the coaching side of things Dowsett explains that Cyclism is open to all levels of cyclists and that the training plans offered are very much goal orientated. 'Perhaps you are a Cat 3 racer looking to get to Cat 2. Or maybe you just want to get yourself ready to complete the London-Brighton'. Either way, the team starts from the goal you are trying to attain, and puts in place a plan to achieve that goal.

Alex Dowsett Hour record

In fact Dowsett has fond memories of the London-Brighton: 'It was the first proper road cycling event that I tried when I was younger. I had a mountain bike, threw on some slicks and jumped on the back of a faster group as it came past'. Some similarities with team mate Nairo Quintana? We get a somewhat sheepish ‘sort of’ response.

The project is designed to cater for a multitude of cycling disciplines whether that is time trialling, road racing or cyclocross. 'We've even got a few elite level mountain bikers signed up', he adds. 

Cyclism has teamed up with two key partners in Sigma Sport, who provide the venue of the assessments and consultations for riders, and Wattbike who provide the equipment for testing. 'In the future, we hope to branch out a bit more from the base in Hampton Wick', says Dowsett. The idea being that this will soon have a broader national presence.

We check on his thoughts for Richmond, where Dowsett is tripling up. 'Its going to be a busy week, with the team time trial on Sunday, the individual time trial on Wednesday and road race on the following Sunday, I think the last time I did all three was 2012'. Surprisingly though its not the time trials that he seems to be relishing the most,'I'm really looking forward to the road race. We have strong team and I think we have a great chance. And its great news that Cav is fit and going to be racing'. 

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