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Watch: Kinesis Tripster takes two routes for a cup of coffee

One bike, two routes, Kinesis shows the versatility of its Tripster in new video

Joe Robinson
6 Mar 2018

Kinesis has released a brand new video to show the versatility of its Tripster all-road bike and also helped show us that you can get coffee in more places than your local cafe.

In this short film through the South Downs, two riders take the same Kinesis Tripster meet atop a hill at the end of a long day. One rider takes the road and the other takes the trails.

This video was produced with the aim of showing how the Kinesis Tripster is equally comfortable on and off-road making it perfect for the growing trend of riders who want more than just a road bike.

The Tripster has provisions for 700c x 45mm tyres thanks to its front and rear axle disc brakes. The frame also has rack and mudguard mounts, as well as multiple bottle cage mounts for those looking to take the bike further than just an afternoon spin.

Beyond the exhibition of the bike, Kinesis also helped teach us that a cyclist's best friend, the cup of coffee, can be acquired in more ways than just your cafe stop.

At the end of the video as the two riders come together, the off-roader sets up a small portable gas stove and warms up a pot of the black stuff for the two riders to enjoy at the end of the ride.