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'Your guess was as good as mine': Wiggins on jiffy bag contents

Wiggins speaks out after damning report while Brailsford stays silent

Joe Robinson
6 Mar 2018

After long-promising to have his say once the department of culture, media and sport committee released its report, Sir Bradley Wiggins has again asserted he '100% did not cheat' yet failed to shed any more light onto the contents of the jiffy bag at the 2011 Criterium de Dauphine.

In an exclusive hour-long interview with the BBC, Wiggins broached many topics surrounding yesterday's damning DCMS report yet claimed 'your guess was as good as mine' when questioned about the jiffy bag that is alleged to have contained decongestive drug Fluimicil. 

'I was doing the Dauphine, I was leading the Dauphine, I won the Dauphine. The first time I became aware of a package was when the Daily Mail contacted me in October 2016,' said Wiggins.

'But the way it has been reported is as if I have ordered this package and I am waiting for DHL to deliver it for me, and I have got to sign for it: "thanks for the medical package." I don't run the team, I don't run the logistics of the team, I was busy doing my job that I was paid to do,' he added.

At the 2011 Dauphine, a race won by Wiggins, British Cycling employee Simon Cope acted courier for a jiffy bag that was delivered directly to Dr Richard Freeman and Team Sky.

During the select committee hearing last year, Team Sky manager Sir Dave Braislford claimed that the package contained the anti-congestive drug yet confirmed there were no records of this due to Dr Freeman's laptop, that contained the medical records, being stolen in Greece in 2011. No back up was kept of these records.

Wiggins then later confirmed that his silence, barring an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show in 2016, was for legal reasons while also taking a jab at the anonymous source referenced throughout the report.

'At the moment it's been so weighted and one-sided and I just think this needs a bit of balance and perspective. This report today is a political report based on rumour and there's nothing to substantiate it. Who are these sources? Come out,' Wiggins pleaded.

'If you really feel that deep about it that you've got to go and tell the Houses of Parliament about it then go on record, put your name to it, because it will validate it. Where's the evidence? Show the evidence because this is serious stuff.'

As Wiggins made his first television appearance since the report findings, the silence of team manager Dave Braislford continued.

While Team Sky released a blanket press release refuting claims made by the committee, Brailsford himself has remained silent. 

In the wake of this report which called for Brailsford to be held accountable for the poor medical record keeping of Team Sky and British Cycling, many have called for Brailsford to step down considering his position to be unattainable.