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Ride on this ultra-light, beautifully finished carbon saddle

From German component brand Beast, check out the ultra-light, ultra-cool Pure saddle

Joe Robinson
8 Mar 2018

If you are looking to shed some weight from your bike and make it look that bit slicker, look no further than the Beast Pure carbon saddle.

Made in Germany by small component brand Beast, the Pure saddle is ultra-light, hitting just 94g on the Cyclist scales. That's thanks to the expert moulding of carbon that's kept in subzero temperatures before then being cured at the optimal pressure and temperature.

During the curing process, Beast incorporates vacuum technology developed by aviation experts Airbus in order to prevent air bubbles and quality issues within the carbon.

With it being so light and rigid, the saddle comes with a 90kg rider weight limit, but Beast claims it is both flexible and comfortable despite its rigidity.

Impressively, all the components are produced by a small team of seven in Dresden, with the brains behind the designs all coming from automotive and aviation backgrounds.

Wighing in at less than your average bar of soap, the Beast Pure carbon saddle will be the perfect perch for weight-weenie hill climbers obsessing over the weight of their bike come October.

Beyond the weight-saving benefits of this saddle, it has to be said that the clean lacquer finish makes both the red and blue version look sleek and stealthy. The finish is so clean it resembles the finish of porcelain rather than carbon.

Beast partners its Pure saddles with matching handlebars, bottle cages and stems all of which are equally lightweight and stylish-looking.

As is so often the case, though, less means more when it comes to the price, and the Beast Pure carbon saddle will set you back all of €269.90 (approx. £241) coloured, or a slightly more affordable €229.90 (approx. £205 approx) if you're willing to settle for plain black.

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