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Ovo Energy Women's Tour to offer equal prize money

The race will now offer €90,000 total prize money, up from €35,000

The 2018 Women's Tour will now offer prize money equal to that of the Men's Tour of Britain after title sponsor Ovo Energy increased its commitment to the five-stage event. The news came at the route presentation which was hosted in the Houses of Parliament.

This change means that the prize money structure for the Women's Tour in June will be identical to that of the Men's Tour of Britain, which takes place in September.

This includes stage and jersey prizes throughout the race, and the overall General Classification winner will pocket the same amount as the man who tops the podium later in the year.

The eventual winner of each race will take home €14,460, from a total GC pot of €36,220 (the total GC prize fund for all placings from 1st down to 20th).

The outcome is that 'every placing is matched pound for pound,' as the overall prize pot is increased by €55,000 to €90,000.

This prize pot will be split between the top 20 finishers on each stage and the same number of riders on the final GC.

At the Men's Tour of Britain, riders will be competing for four jerseys while there will be five up for grabs at the Women's Tour. The daily holders of these will receive €150 and whoever holds each by the end of the race, barring the overall winner, will get €1,000 prize money.

A total 17 teams will be racing the 2018 OVO Energy Women’s Tour. Full information about the teams, the route and more about the race can be found in our guide - Women's Tour 2018: Route, riders and all you need to know

'When Women’s Tour was first at discussion phase there was indication of the momentum it would create,' said coach and women's cycling advocate Stef Wyman.

'Not only did they challenge themselves to provide the correct environment for women's professional racing, they also set the bar for all other races,' added the husband of cyclocross champion Helen Wyman.

'Over the past few years we are getting used to announcements of increased or equal prize money, and in my opinion we owe a huge amount of this to the organisers of the Women’s Tour. Without them the sport could look very different today than it does.'

Along with the professional Women's Tour, there will also be a mass participation sportive held on Sunday 1st July. Proceeds from this will go to Breast Cancer Care, which is the races's official charity.

'It is particularly exciting for Breast Cancer Care to be involved in this year’s OVO Energy Tour Ride,' said Claire Pulford, Head of Events at Breast Cancer Care.

'The Ride will help our charity continue to support and make a positive difference to the lives of the thousands of people facing breast cancer in the UK.'

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