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Report your local pothole on National Pothole Day

Joe Robinson
8 Mar 2018

Cyclist urges you to take some time out of your day to report your local pothole

With today being National Pothole Day, the team here at Cyclist are urging you to report the worst roads in your area to your local council. 

Potholes are the bane of most road users' existence but they reserve a special place in the world of cyclists who are arguably the most exposed to these broken roads.

Speak to any cyclist, whether a commuter, racer or weekend cruiser, and they will regale your with stories of when they have plunged into potholes the size of moon craters or swerved them at the 11th hour, sometimes almost bringing the entire club ride down in the process.

So if there has been a particular hole that been getting on your nerves and has been left untreated for quite some time, use this opportunity to contact your local authority here.

Through this government site, you will be able to input the postcode of the pothole and subsequently be forwarded to the local authority where you will be able to lodge your complaint.

The local authority's website will then allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the pothole on a map.

While this in no way means the council will address your complaints, it will at least put them in sight of the relevant bodies charged with road maintenance.  .

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