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Bikecation's new website to make cycling abroad easier

Joe Robinson
15 Mar 2018

Redesign looks to make booking your dream cycling holiday less hassle

Bikecation's redesigned website promises to make cycling abroad easier allowing shoppers a 'one-stop website to book custom-made cycling trips in minutes to suit all budgets.'

The new web page helps simplify the process of booking your cycling holiday by combining the ability to book the hotel and flights in one place while also offering complete cycling tour packages. 

Smartly, Bikecation has also broken down trips in terms of famous climbs and destinations popular with cyclists. For example, if you want to ride Alpe d'Huez, the site will provide a detailed map of the area, facts about the climb and most importantly the nearest airport and hotels available.

Over 50 European destinations are on offer from Bikecation with the majority being situated in Spain, Italy and France. Once booked, Bikecation will also go a step further providing local GPX files of routes and advice on small details such as local restaurants.

The process also offers trips on a budget meaning that this can be used for people at all price ranges. 

Alongside the hotels and flights, you can even organise the renting of a bike to save the hassle of flying with your own and also airport transfers to and from your destination.

Brainchild behind the new-look website Rob Penn spoke of the idea behind why this came about.

'Booking your own cycling holiday or short break was never straight forward - knowing where to go and when, then different websites for flights, hotels, airport transfers and plotting routes,' he says.

'Well, we’ve taken all the faff out. You can now sort the whole thing on one website, to your budget..

'With guided cycling holidays, you have to join a group of people who you don’t know and you’re limited to set dates and locations.

'With our website, you could be out for a drink on Thursday night with friends, book online over a pint, climb Alpe d’Huez and Galibier over the weekend, and be back in the office on Monday morning.'

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