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Video asks: Why isn't cycling normal in London?

Comedian creates video to show the missed opportunities for sustainable transport in London

Jack Elton-Walters
16 Mar 2018

As part of his 'Unfinished London' series, musician and comedian Jay Foreman has looked at why cycling remains such a niche mode of transport in London. Trawling the history of transport in the UK, and looking at the misfiring ideas from TfL and City Hall along the way, he finishes on a positive.

On some Central London bridges, those on bikes count for 60% of all traffic and that's thanks in the most part to the new segregated cycle lanes like the one seen on Blackfriars Bridge.

Some vested interest groups or members of the House of Lords with opinions that fly in the face of all logic and reason would have a us believe that bicycles, which have precisely zero emissions when used, are the cause of London's illegally toxic air.

Their fantastical argument goes that space 'lost' to cycle lanes and 'stolen' from its rightful owner, the superior motor vehicle, means that those single occupancy private cars and taxis that are belching out pollution, could do a bit less belching if they had more road space to occupy.

Or what if we made cycling safe and appealing to all, freeing up more road space for those determined to never relinquish their grip on a steering wheel (unless there's an important text message to reply to).

The more people opting to walk, cycle and use public transport, the better off we all are. Just a thought.

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