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A new app has launched and it can tell you when to service your bike

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Joe Robinson
16 Mar 2018

Pro Bike Garage aims to make rusty, old parts and roadside maintenance issues a thing of the past

It's an art knwoing when to change parts on your bike. We rely on sound, sight and feel to judge when a part is about to give up and swiftly change it before it does. Quite often we miss the signs and end up in quite the predicament, roadside with a busted bike.

In an attempt to make this a thing of the past, new phone app Pro Bike Garage looks to track your bike's components, analyse their wear and alert you when they need changing.

It works quite simply. First, you input your bike's components into the app with everything fron cassettes and chains to stems and seat posts an option.

Secondly, you sync the Pro Bike Garage app to your Strava account in order for the maintenance analyser to track your rider. 

Once you provide this data, the app will track the usage of the componets and decide based on distance, moving time and elapsed time when they are due for changing or servicing at your local bike shop. 

The app allows you to define how you were using the bike also, with options such as racing, indoor or workout in order for the analysis to determine how the bike was being ridden.

Developer of the app Jamie Gill spoke of his pride at managing to offer such a rounded service.

'We started developing a simple maintenance app that allowed us to receive maintenance notifications by moving time instead of only distance, and we ended up with the most complete solution for bike maintenance,' said Gill.

The app is free and currently available on Android 4.4 and higher. iOS and web versions are currently in development with more information at the Pro Bike Garage website.

The obvious caveat with this app is that it cannot be 100% accurate. While it can judge my distance and speeds in terms of wear to my bike, other outside factors cannot be determined.

We all know that wet weather, bad road surfaces and road debris accelerate the wearing process and these are not considered on the app.

Regardless, the concept behind Pro Bike Garage is smart and any additional assitance that can be provided in keeping on top of your bike's maintenance, keeping it singing is welcomed with open arms.

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