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Marginal Gain? A computer mount designed specifically for Team Sky

K-Edge and Pro teamed up to create a mount that fits on just one bar and Cyclist have given it a first-hand look

Joe Robinson
20 Mar 2018

We all know that Team Sky love to mention their marginal gains. It could be that they take their own pillows to races. Or that they had riders warm-up and down at races (although that's hardly a new thing). Or the fact that they use colour coded water bottles.

Together, it was said that all these little things helped give them an edge over their competition.

Recent revelations have alleged that some of these marginal gains weren't within 'ethical lines' but there is no denying their attention to detail which is no better personified than in the development of the K-Edge Pro Vibe Garmin mount.

Until last year, Team Sky used components from Pro, a subsidiary brand of groupset giants Shimano. The team's go to handlebars were the Pro Vibe aero bars, the perfect mix between stiffness, aerodynamics and lightness. 

However due to their unique shape it wasn't possible to fit any conventional computer mounts to the bars, with only the uncouth method of a mount strung to the stem as an option. 

So Team Sky being Team Sky went to market experts in the computer mount game K-Edge and introduced them to the team at Pro and the two brands went about designing a mount that would fit specifically to the Pro Vibe aero handlebars.

This mount has just dropped in the Cyclist office and we have had our first chance to take a look at it. You can see immediately that the mount is far from being perfectly cylindrical, fitting the Pro Vibe bars like a glove. 

As is the way with K-Edge, the mount has a clean finish and is incredibly light and aerodynamic. It's designed to fit most Garmin computers from the 20 to the 820 and can also take Wahoo computers with a change of insert.

If you want the 2018 Team Sky look, the mount will set you back £60 while the bars will come in at a cool £300.