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First 'Dutch-style' cycle-friendly roundabout comes to UK

Joe Robinson
23 Mar 2018

Crystal Palace gets new double roundabout with separated cycleway

Soutwark Council will bring the first 'Dutch-style' cycling and walking friendly roundabout to the UK on the Crystal Palace Parade and it is due to be completed by April.

The new roundabout design will allow cyclists and walkers to pass through the double junction completey segregated from the main flow of traffic while also giving them priority over other vehicles. 

The two roundabouts that meet between Fountain Drive and Sydenham Hill are among the busiest in the borough connecting key train stations, schools and the local park.

Before now, the junction seriously lacked the infrastructure to facilitate bikes and walkers.

Southwark Council worked closely on the construction and development of the new junction with neighbouring boroughs Bromley and Lewisham due to their close proximity.

Speaking on the new construction, the Transport for London (TfL) director of project and programme sponsorship Ben Plowden spoke of the pride of incorporating this Dutch system.

'We’re really pleased to see that our funding has helped bring this new design from the Netherlands to Southwark, which will make walking and cycling in Crystal Palace safer and easier,' said Plowden.

'Innovative improvements such as this make a real difference in encouraging Londoners to walk and cycle more often and we’ll continue to work closely with Southwark Council to make walking and cycling facilities across the borough even better.'

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