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Gallery: The best of the Berlin Bike Show

Cyclist magazine
26 Mar 2018

We had a look around the Berlin Bike Show / Berliner Fahrradschau and this is what caught our eye. Photos: Dharmesh Mistry

The Berlin Bike Show has got bigger and better every year since its inception. Now in its ninth year, the Berliner Fahrradschau is still rooted to Berlin's bike culture but is expanding beyond its traditional core appeal.

That expansion has been driven by the event pulling together different parts of the cycling world, from frame builders, couture, accessories, touring and eBikes, with a nod to the classics too.

Plus of course, Bike Polo.

During a brief visit to the show over the weekend, we snapped photos of anything and everything that caught our eye during the event, the best of which you can view in the gallery above.

Fixed gear track bikes, roadies and adventure machines were all present, as were some unique colour schemes and designs.

The event also brings together a range of brands and interested parties from across the cycling industry and some of the ideas and products on display could be seen in your local bike shop.

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