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BKool introduces Commonwealth Game circuit for you to ride

The entire 18.6km circuit has been uploaded exactly matching the gradients that will be ridden by the professionals

Joe Robinson
12 Apr 2018

Ahead of the Commonwealth Games road race this weekend, Bkool has added the Gold Coast circuit to its Indoor Cycling Simulator so the you can emulate the professional riders racing for gold. 

Bkool has uploaded the entire 18.6 kilometre loop that takes in flat coastal roads and short punchy climbs of the Currumbin beachfront and Waters for users to ride on their smart turbo trainers.

The test within the course for both the professional peloton and amateur users will be the 1.5km stinging ascent at midway through the course which presents one of two main climbs on the course.

The second major climb comes within throwing distance of the start/finish line, giving riders a 1km descent to the finish.

The GPX data acquired by BKool will mean that the real-life gradients of the course will be emulated with the weather conditions also being mirrored, which will no doubt be wall-to-wall sunshine.

You will also be taken further in to the virtual reality world with fellow riders from around the world also being on course simultaneously.

Come the men's race this Saturday, the peloton will navigate the 18.7km circuit a total of nine times taking the race to over 168km in length.

This latest edition to the BKool world has been labelled a 'unique and fantastic opportunity for cycling fans' by BKool marketing director Jorge Serrano.

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