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Garmin brings two new computers to market and updated Varia radar

18 Apr 2018

Fighting the rise of Wahoo, Garmin brings updated Varia and Edge 520 alongside compact Edge 130

It wasn't that far in the past that Garmin dominated the cycling GPS computer market. In more recent times, it has found itself with some heavyweight competition, namely Wahoo, which saw the world of GPS computers become a little less monopolised. 

With the in mind, the American-based company set to work in developing its latest additions to its cycling GPS range. 

This comes in the shape of the Edge 130 and Edge 520 Plus cycling computers and the Varia RTL510 rearview radar light. 

Edge 520 Plus 

The Edge 520 Plus is not that dissimilar to the Edge 520, as you would expect. 

Like its predecessor, the Plus provides you with the Garmin Cycle Map for navigation and you can still get Strava Live Segments and preloaded TrainingPeaks workouts. Rider-to-rider messaging is still enabled as is incident detection.

The big change is the introduction of turn-by-turn navigation. This can guide users back home if they cut short a ride and will even alert you of sharp corners en route. 

The new unit will also be compatible with Varia and claims to have a decent 15-hour battery life.

Retail price for the Edge 520 Plus will be higher than the non-Plus version, with the unit costing £259.99. Sold in a bundle with speed and cadence sensors as well as a heart rate monitor will set you back £349.99.

Edge 130

This is Garmin's newest addition, offering a lot in a relatively small product that has a screen measuring just 1.8 inches across. 

The most notable feature is the unit's use of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites to provide metre-accurate positioning while also giving more accurate rider data. Garmin Connect routes can be pre-downloaded to the Edge 130 for easy-to-use navigation.

Neat touches include a weather page and connection to Garmin Varia units. The sunlight readable display should be readable in all conditions with the on-screen arrow method of direction being easy to follow.

Like the Edge 520 Plus, the Edge 130 will have a generous battery life of 15 hours.

Prices will be £169.99 for just the unit with the bundle that includes heart rate monitor and sensors coming in at £199.99.

Varia RTL510 rearview radar

Garmin has got serious about its Varia rearview radar light. The redesign should make it more comfortable for riders and practical at the same time.

The big difference from its predecessor is that the light now sits vertical on the seatpost rather than horizontal. This makes the fit cleaner and means you are less likely to knock it with your legs. 

In flash mode, Garmin claims a battery life of 15 hours with six hours in 'night flash' or solid beam settings. 

It also claims to be visible from 1 mile away within a 220-degree range which would be quite something if true. The radar setting can also detect upcoming traffic from up to 140m away with audible alerts possible to warn of the fellow road users.

The rearview radar on its own retails at £169.99 while the bundle with display unit will come in at £259.99.

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