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Gallery: The best bikes from Bespoked 2018

Joe Robinson
23 Apr 2018

Everything from gold-leaf paint to wooden toptubes, the best bikes from Bespoked 2018. Photos: Pete Muir

Cyclist spent the weekend just gone visiting Bespoked, the ultimate handmade bicycle show that descends on to Bristol each year bringing the world's best bespoke framebuilders together under one roof. 

As usual, the event was brimming with beautiful and elegant bicycles that were the product of many hard hours and fine craftsmanship across a collection of materials from carbon and steel to titanium and bamboo.

This year, we noticed that there had was particular attention on gravel in the bespoke framebuilding world. The frames were as perfectly formed as ever but now there is room for chunkier tyres and disc brakes.

This is perhaps another timely reminder of the direction cycling is heading.

On show was also an offering of simply stunning paint jobs. Gone are the days in which a bike would have a solid, pastel colour and we would all marvel.

Custom paint jobs are becoming much more technical and are forever pushing the boundaries. Just look at the gold leaf used upon the handlebars of Conor McGregor's custom FiftyOne bike. 

From the entire show, what caught our eye most vividly was the golden wonder of a bike from Demon frameworks making this frame look as if it had shot straight out of the roaring 1920s.

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