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A fifth of kids unable to ride bikes, YouGov study finds

Joe Robinson
24 Apr 2018

Chris Hoy and Evans partner to help increase number of children riding bicycles

Our best memories of riding our bikes still probably hark back to childhood. After school or in the summer holidays, exploring with our mates, being back before dark and genuinely not having a care in the world. It's that freedom that spurs us to continue riding as adults. 

However in a recent YouGov survey, it has been revealed that an astonishing fifth of all children in the UK are unable to ride a bike, with the figure increasing to almost one in four in London. 

The same statistics found that 32% of parents would not allow their children to ride their bikes unsupervised despite a resounding 84% having done so in their own childhoods. 

Whether this is through fear of road traffic or lack of accessibility to a bicycle, it is clear that the sheer enjoyment of riding your bike is not being experienced by today's children like it once was.

To combat this, Sir Chris Hoy and Evans Cycles have partnered up to get more children on two wheels. Last Friday, the multiple Olympic Champion led a HSBC Go-Ride session at the Herne Hill Velodrome with the kids of St Francis Primary School in South London. 

Taking the kids around the infamous outdoor track, the session was focused around having fun on the bike and becoming passionate about cycling in a traffic-free and safe environment, helping the kids involved gain confidence at the same time.

As part of the scheme, Evans Cycles have donated 1,500 bikes to the scheme over three years with many being part of the Hoy bike range.

Speaking at the event, Sir Chris remembered how he got in to cycling and how he hoped these young children would follow suit.

'It’s great to be here with St Francis Primary School,' he said. 'I started out racing BMX at just seven-years-old and never looked back, I feel so lucky to be able to be pass on my skills and hope that British Cycling’s UK HSBC Go-Ride programme can help inspire young people across the country to take to the saddle,' he added.

Hopefully, through activities like this and increased safe cycling infrastructure and further focus on healthy and sustainable lifestyles, kids riding their bikes will become commonplace once again. 

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