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Custom colour now an option on Ribble bikes

Customisation takes a further step with Ribble as paint configurator added to three models

Joe Robinson
25 Apr 2018

British bike brand Ribble has taken its customisation programme one step further by introducing CustomColour, an online paint configurator. The new configurator will allow you to choose between eight block colours across three of the brand's models, the Aero 883, SL and R872.

These colours can be then chosen in a simple block paint job, colour to colour fade or gradient colour to black fade.

In total this means the customer will have 24 unique colourways to choose from for the frame of their new bike. The customiser then also allows you a choice between black and white decals to further compliment the bike's frame colour.

Cyclist spent some time at lunch playing with the customisation tool and came up with a couple of our favourite combinations as pictured below. 

This latest addition to the Ribble customisation offer takes the uniqueness of owning a Ribble a step further. 

Across the bike range, Ribble allows you to build your bike from the frame up, hand-picking everything from groupset to finishing kit to wheelset with pricing added up as you go along.

The option of custom colour alongside custom components was an obvious choice according to Ribble chief digital officer Matt Lawson. 

'Historically, Ribble was known for its custom, made to measure steel bikes, in which customers could choose their paint scheme,' he said.

'We still have some of the fun, quirky designs knocking around HQ.'

'But customisation is something we’ve always prided ourselves on. We’ve always allowed customers to build their dream bikes, so bringing customisation of colour back was a no-brainer, allowing our Ribble riders to put their personality into their bikes too.'

For Ribble's new paint scheme, you will have to pay an additional £299 on top of the bike price. From date of order, bikes will be ready and delivered within 21 days.

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