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VanMoof claims to have made 'theft-proof' bike

New smart technology hopes to make a city bike almost impossible to steal

Joe Robinson
26 Apr 2018

Dutch urban bike brand VanMoof has released its latest series of city bicycles with a rather astonishing claim. The distinctive looking bike brand now claims that its new smart features 'make the bike impossible to steal'.

The new Smart S and X bikes now come fitted with a trio of anti-theft technology that can protect the bike at all stages of potential theft. 

The initial feature uses sound, with an alarm sounding with the presence of any potential tampering. The warning then gets louder and more obvious if the thief continues to persist.

The world's first integrated bike speaker system

If the thief ignores the obnoxious sounds and continues with his heist, the bike will then send an automatic tacking notification to the VanMoof Bike Hunters, a team of amateur detectives who will set about reclaiming your bike wherever it is taken to, as demonstrated when they tracked a recovered a bike from Paris in Casablanca earlier this year.

The third and final security measure is lockdown mode. When stolen, the bike's vital systems will disable with the lights flashing SOS until the bike is returned to its rightful owner.

Added to this is rider recognition in which bluetooth technology which will automatically disable any theft technology when the owner is near to the bike.

As a bonus, all the technology within the bike is charged through pedal power.

This collection of technology should in theory make a VanMoof bike almost impossible to steal, or such a long process to take that in turn deters thieves from persisting.

The VanMoof is also fitted with disc brakes and has the option of three or eight speed

This new tech is all part of a drive from VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier to make bikes more city-proof.

'Big cities around the world, including London, are struggling with a high number of stolen bicycles - we have tackled the problem at its root,' Cartier said.

'With our intelligent technology we have created a bike that can take care of itself.'

Beyond its smart technology, the Smart S and X will also be part of the new VanMoof+ subscription scheme which can allow you to own a VanMoof for as little as £17 a month which includes unlimited repair and access all year round.

Prices for the Smart series start at £768. 

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