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Ride seven times this June with Cycling UK for Bike Week

Joe Robinson
2 May 2018

The UK's leading cycling charity want you on your bike this Summer to help celebrate all that's great about the bike

The annual Bike Week UK event organised by UK's leading cycling charity Cycling UK is celebrating its 95th anniversary this June and as part of its festivities is asking for you to enjoy riding your bike in seven different ways this June. 

Taking place between the 9th and 17th June, the annual promotion of the bicycle looks to raise the awareness of cycling in the UK and all the benefits, from health to financial, that riding a bike can give you. 

The seven ride challenge itself has very few rules. Any type of ride, whether it be a quick spin down the local shops or a 100km epic chaingang, counts as long as you share an image or a video from the ride on social media using the hashtag #7daysofcycling.

Across the week Cycling UK will be focusing on different aspects of riding your bike and the unique experience it can bring you from taking part in a ride with your family to experiencing the benefits of an e-bike and helping improve your mental health. 

So in keeping with the #7daysofcycling, the team here at Cyclist have come up with three different ways of riding that you can do this June which will, hopefully, get you on your bike and enjoying the benefits of cycling. 

1 - Go one kilometre further than you have ever done before

A pretty simple task. Find out the furthest distance you have ridden by bike before and attempt to ride one kilometre further. Whether that be 10km or 200km, the challenge is the same.

Before setting off, plan a route, make sure you know where you are going and stick to it. The goal of riding towards a certain number will give you that little extra help and you will suddenly see yourself at this new distance in no time.

While the task may seem daunting, riding further than ever before, the feeling of pride and belief come the finish is unrivalled and will hopefully allow you to learn a lot about yourself while getting fitter in the process.

2 - Sightsee using a hire bike 

Despite their mass success in London, the various hire bikes schemes available across the city go unused by so many, so how about changing that.

Head down to London for a day of sightseeing, but instead of carting yourself around by bus, tube and train, opt for one of the many hire bike schemes available in the city. Choose between Ofo, Mobike, Urbo or Santander Bikes as your day's ride.

Not only will have you got a little extra exercise in but we can guarantee you that riding your bike will give you a much better view of London than any tube can offer.

3 - Ride your bikes to Sunday lunch 

Pub on the Windsor Chester Windsor audax route

Going out for a roast dinner at a pub on a Sunday is a tradition etched deeply into Great British society but how about changing it up by riding your bike to and from the pub? 

Leave early and take a pleasantly quiet route around narrow country lanes and colourful farm fields before reaching the pub. Eat your lunch and then ride back.

Not only will you have built an appetite on the ride there but you will have also helped burn some of the calories from the lunch on your ride home.

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