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Official Tour de Yorkshire beer supplier creates 'Pub Peloton' route maps

Black Sheep Brewery has edited the Tour de Yorkshire's route maps to show fans where they can grab a pint along the route

Black Sheep Brewery, the official beer supplier of the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire, has given the race's route maps a makeover by showing roadside fans where they can grab a pint along the way. Named the 'Pub Peloton', each inn and bar serving Black Sheep beers is marked in order along the length of each of the four stages.

Stage 1 - shown on the Pub Peloton map above - was won by Kirsten Wild (Wiggle-High5) in the women's race while the men's race is underway at the time of writing.

A strong sprint saw Wild take victory and a similar finish was expected in the men's race but the breakaway held off the peloton to the last and local rider Harry Tanfield (Canyon-Eisberg) took the win.

Stage 2, which is well supplied with Black Sheep serving pubs, contains the Tour de Yorkshire's first summit finish.

Topping out on the famous summit of the Cow and Calf, the first rider over the line will almost definitely take the overall as well as the stage in the women's race (second and final stage), and will likely dictate the outcome of the men's two days later.

Stage 3 goes from East to West, starting in Richmond and finishing in the race's favourite town of Scarborough. Again, roadside fans - those travelling on foot and by public transport - can enjoy a couple of pints while waiting for the race to speed past.

Two categorised climbs could split the peloton while a relatively flat final third to the stage should see a reduced bunch sprint contesting the win in the seaside town.

The final stage kicks off in Halifax and finishes not that far away in Leeds. The non-direct route through heading North before looping back South gives the ride its distance and allows for plenty more pubs to get involved in the Pub Peloton.

Black Sheep's warmest greeting

Some questionable driving in here but plenty of friendly greetings.

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