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One ride, 8,848m climbed: Everest the highest peak in Wales

Joe Robinson
14 May 2018

Official event that sees riders climb the height of Everest in the Welsh valleys returns for a second year

The masochistic craze of 'Everesting' on your bike has quickly become one of the toughest challenges an individual can do on his or her bike. Simply, it asks you to repeatedly climb up a hill until you have matched the same vertical ascent as the peak of Mount Everest. 

This leg-sapping effort will see you climb 8,848m in one ride - easily eclipsing even the toughest Grand Tour mountain days - and for the second year in a row, you can be part of the UK's only organised Eversting challenge.

Organised by Drover Cycles, the event starts on the cusp of the Brecon Beacons National Park, with riders climbing Gospel Pass in the Black Mountains, the highest road in Wales accessible to motorised vehicles.

To reach the magic number of elevation gained, the climb of Gospel Pass will need to be repeated 16 times in total, a daunting task when you consider the facts of the climb.

Maxing out at 23.1% in gradient, the climb averages 5% for 8.8km meaning the riders will have to cover 281km to ascend and descend the mountain.

If you think you're tough enough, you can enter this challenge alone, covering the distance as a solo rider. If not, the challenge is open to pairs or teams of four, which still poses a daunting task.

Talking on the challenge's second year, organiser Anna Heywood spoke of the sheer difficulty ahead for all those taking part.

'This event is absolutely unique in Wales and it’s a fantastic showcase for one of the UK’s best-loved - or loathed - hill climbs,' joked Heywood.
'Last year’s event was particularly tough as it was a really hot day. Just a handful of solo riders managed to complete the event - it would be great to see some more names enter the Everesting Hall of Fame by riding Gospel Pass.'

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