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Red Bull partners with BMC on development of bikes

Joe Robinson
30 May 2018

Austrian energy drink brand to collaborate with Swiss bike company on development of 'electrical technologies'

Red Bull is set to take a dive into the world of road cycling after announcing that it will partner with Swiss bike brand BMC on the development of its bikes.

The Austrian company, which is heavily invested in a multitude of sports, will see its Advanced Technologies department work closely with BMC with 'specific focus on developing integrated electronic technologies to enhance the cycling experience for every bicycle rider.' 

The engineers of both Red Bull and BMC will then work together on 'future technical solutions'.

This suggests that the two companies will work together closely in development of the growing e-bike market in Europe which saw 1.7million bikes sold in 2017. However, spreading into the development of race bikes is likely to also happen.

With Red Bull's substantial success in motor sport, specifically Formula 1, it comes of no surprise that the company made famous by its energy drink has begun its experiment with cycling.

The importance of aerodynamics and grip are vital in both sports, with many of the materials used in cycling also being widely used in F1.

This clear connection makes the partnership a fairly obvious fit and is something Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull Racing, has alluded to.

'There are a huge number of parallels between cycling and motor sport, encompassing materials technology, aerodynamics, human performance analytics, as well as increasing use of electric power solutions,' stated Horner.

'This collaboration is an exciting one for Red Bull Advanced Technologies as we believe that together with BMC Switzerland, who is an undoubted pacesetter in the world of cycling, we can deliver some innovative developments in bike technology.

'It’s a fascinating project that we’re looking forward to working on with BMC Switzerland.'

While the two companies' connection is in the early stages, the possibility of Red Bull offering a lifeline to WorldTour team BMC Racing could also show potential.

Currently, the American-registered team are looking for a new primary sponsor to replace the bike brand. Red Bull, a company worth $4billion annually with a history of investment in pro sport, could be a suitor but no concrete links are yet to have been made.