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Cyclists wanted: Recreate one day in Mark Beaumont’s round the world record

Joseph Delves
11 Jun 2018

Join Beaumont on a 240-mile ride from Argyll to Aberdeen in aid of the STV Children’s Appeal

A huge day out for most riders, just another day in the office for circumnavigation record holder Mark Beaumont. With the aim of raising money to help children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland, Beaumont is looking for 80 cyclists to accompany him from one coast of Scotland to the other.

Recreating Beaumont’s final 16-hour training session before he headed to Paris to claim the round the world record, the group will comprise one rider for each of the days which Beaumont allowed himself to travel around the globe.

Starting around 04:00 on the west coast the group will tackle the ride in four stints, each lasting four hours, and stopping for a paltry half hour break in between.

Departing from Tayinloan, Argyll before heading through Loch Lomond National Park and the Cairngorms, then over Glenshee and onto Aberdeen, the spectacular route won’t offer much comfort either.

Collectively the team will aim to accrue 19,200 miles, a little over the 18,032 miles Beaumont racked up in the 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes it took him to travel around the globe. To do so they’ll need to maintain an average speed of 15mph.

With the attempt being filmed for the STV telethon, applicants will need to raise a minimum £240 donation, be happy appearing in front of the camera, and in possession of the prerequisite fitness.

If that sounds like it could be you, contact Beaumont directly

With Beaumont himself chipping in £1000 the aim is to try and raise a total of £80,000.

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