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UCI closes case of Moscon deliberately crashing into Sebastian Reichenbach

Joe Robinson
20 Jun 2018

Case closed by cycling's governing body as Moscon gears up to support Froome at the Tour de France

Gianni Moscon (Team Sky) will not face sanctions by the UCI disciplinary commission investigating whether the Italian deliberately pushed Sebastian Reichenbach (Groupama-FDJ) at the 2017 Tre Valli Varesine, causing the rider to crash. 

It was alleged that the Team Sky rider intentionally pushed the arm of Reichenbach in the peloton causing the Swiss rider to crash, sustaining a fractured elbow and hip.

Reichenbach claimed Moscon was acting in 'revenge' for a tweet highlighting the racial abuse Moscon had subjected Reichenbach's then teammate Kevin Reza to at the Tour de Romandie earlier that season. 

However, as reported in Gazzetta dello Sport, a combination of other rider testimonies and a lack of video evidence led the UCI to conclude that evidence had not been brought to light to suggest that Moscon did intentionally cause Reichenbach's crash, and would therefore face no charges. 

If found guilty the Italian could have faced a ban of between six and 12 months, which would have ruled him out of contention for Team Sky's Tour de France squad, which he is now expected to be chosen for.

Cyclist spoke to the UCI which stated that it was unable to provide an official statement but did confirm the case had been dissmissed. Team Sky, however, have commented on the situation.

'Team Sky welcome the decision by the UCI to dismiss the case against Gianni Moscon,' the team's statement reads.

'It has been a lengthy process during which an independent panel heard evidence from all parties and found that there was not a case to answer,' a spokesman for the team added.

'These were serious allegations which Gianni and the team have always strongly contested. We back Gianni and he has our full support. We are pleased he can now get on with racing with a line now drawn under this episode.'

The Gazzetta report quoted Team Amore e Vita rider Nicola Graffurini della Sangemini as saying: 'Nobody went to complain to Moscon, whereas if a rider causes another rider to fall on purpose, there’s sort of a rise against him, or at least people go and ask him to explain himself.

'I didn’t have the impression that anything strange had happened.'

Whether Graffurini's witness statement was key in the decision of the UCI remains unclear.

Another key witness was Moscon's fellow Team Sky rider Kenny Ellisonde, who also rode for Reichenbach's FDJ for six seasons.

Moscon will be hoping that the closing of this case finally draws a line underneath a controversial 2017 season that also saw the Italian found guilty of racial abuse at the Tour de Romandie, for which Team Sky suspended him for six weeks.

The rider then found himself disqualified from the World Championships road race in Bergen, Norway after illegally taking a tow from his Italian team car.