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Wahoo launches new Kickr Core turbo trainer and Headwind smart fan

Joe Robinson
8 Jul 2018

Kickr Core and Kickr Headwind add to Wahoo's expanding 'ecosystem' of indoor training products

Wahoo has expanded its 'ecosystem' of indoor training equipment with the introduction of an updated Kickr turbo trainer, plus the new Kickr Core and Kickr Headwind, a connected smart fan that gives the realistic feel of riding on the road. 

Starting with the new Kickr Core, the updated turbo trainer has addressed the constant issue of noise while training indoors by reducing sound amplification and pitch to create what it claims is 'a virtually silent trainer'.

This has created a hushed hum from the turbo that Wahoo believes is perfect for those in shared living arrangements or who train at night.

The Kickr Core has also received an updated flywheel which is heavier. Alongside accurate power reading to 2,200w and real-time reactiveness from first and third party apps, the weighty flywheel gives Wahoo's most 'realistic indoor riding experience yet'.

It has also received a price drop with the Kickr Core set to retail at £699.99 later this summer, £300 less than the current Kickr.

This price drop, however, does not constitute a loss functionality, with the new Core remaining compact and compatible with most bikes and third party training platforms such as Zwift and TrainerRoad.

Talking on the launch of the new Kickr Core, Wahoo CEO Chip Hawkins said, 'With these new Kickr, we’re continuing to refine and improve the experience of indoor training.

'The newest versions offer cyclists the quietest, most realistic ride feel we’ve ever created, while still maintaining compatibility with a wide range of gravel, cyclocross, mountain, and road bikes ensuring that all athletes will be able to take advantage of our newest Kickr lineup.'

The more interesting product dropped by Wahoo today is the Kickr Headwind, a purpose-built smart fan built to connect to your Wahoo turbo trainer.

You may wonder what this Wahoo fan does better than your regular industrial offering but there looks to be some genuine benefits.

The Headwind connects to your heart rate monitor and speed sensors reacting to your speed and effort to produce a gust of air up to 30mph, simulating the feel you would get while on the road.

This fan will also partner up with fellow Wahoo products and third party apps, building on the aforementioned 'ecosystem' that Wahoo is keen on creating.

Hawkins also commented on the Headwind and the rationale behind the product.

'If you’re riding outside, the amount of wind you feel increases as you ride harder. With Headwind, we can deliver that experience indoors, while also helping athletes to push harder by keeping them cool during workouts.'

At £199.99, you will have to reach deep into your pockets for what could be seen as just a fan, although it's hard to pass judgement before using the product. Full reviews will be posted over the summer.

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