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Eurobike 2018 part two: Best products and highlights

Cyclist magazine
10 Jul 2018

All the best bits of Eurobike 2018 day two including the best tech, clothing and bikes

Our first day at Eurobike produced some interesting and innovative products. While there were no major bike launches, we did see a revolutionary groupset, a drivetrain with one more speed and a turbo trainer that has morphed into a spinning bike.

The biggest launch yesterday was the CeramicSpeed DrivEn groupset. No chain and no mechs, it promises to be the 'world's most efficient groupset' that uses a 21-bearing roller pinion drive shaft system to produce an efficiency rating of 99%.

Rotor turned it up to 13 as it launched the Rotor 1x13 hydraulic drivetrain. Compatible for all terrains, Rotor argues that 13-speeds almost cover the same gear ratios as a traditional 2x setup. Either way, a 13-speed 10-36 cassette will be good fun on most terrain.

Day two of Eurobike has not produced the same heavy-hitting product drops as yesterday but the eagle eyes of our editorial team has still managed to find some cool new products that have got us talking.

Take a look below at the best bits and highlights of our second day at Eurobike.

Eurobike 2018 Part two: Best bits and highlights

Exept bikes

With many big bike brands choosing not to attend this year’s Eurobike it left the floor free for smaller brands to get their designs noticed. New Italian carbon builder Exept certainly took advantage by showcasing a few variations of its first frame, an all-road disc-only monocoque custom design.

Custom carbon has previously been limited to tube-to-tube construction but thanks to a proprietary manufacturing process using a type of modular carbon mould, Exept says it can blend the ergonomic benefits of a custom bike with the performance benefits of a monocoque frame.

It is certainly an intriguing concept and one Cyclist is keen to test out, so stay tuned for more on the exciting new prospect.

Merida Time Warp time trial bike

Vincenzo Nibali and his Bahrain Merida team lost 66 seconds in the Tour de France Stage 3 team time-trial yesterday to eventual winners BMC. It could have been to be a lot worse but the team did well to limit their losses and this was probably helped by Merida's new Time Warp time-trial bike.

The seatstays have been radically dropped, and the tube profiles have been altered to take advantage of the UCI relaxing the 3:1 width:depth ratio rule slightly, now appearing deeper with the same frontal area.

Quarg TyreWiz

Quarq’s TyreWiz is a neat little gadget that mounts on the valve stem to monitor your tyre pressure, in real time, when paired to a phone app. Or you can add it as a metric on your Garmin screen, should you feel the need to keep a close eye on your PSI.

Xpedo power pedals

Xpedo had a power pedal on show called Thrust -E which looks a little clumsy in terms of the hardware, but on the plus side offers individual left/right leg measurement in a simple to fit design, that calibrates automatically and runs on standard AA batteries.

Sportful Bomber skinsuit and Fiandre Strato jacket

Sportful’s new Fiandre Strato jacket (£150) has a really techy looking windproof protection layer, for it’s clever sewn-in ‘gilet style’ front panel, giving it a revamped look but the arms and rear panel has been given the Fiandre No Rain treatment in this latest version too, potentially making this already versatile piece even more appealing.

Also on the Sportful stand was a new Bomber 111 skinsuit - which the eagle-eyed may have already spotted Peter Sagan wearing this season. The 111 part apparently comes from Sagan’s lucky race number, but tech-wise there’s a lot going on in this new super slick design, including a rather neat mesh race number pocket that still allows unhindered access to the main jersey.

Sportful has even though to a little extra flap of material to prevent the potential unsightly skin gap appearing between the shorts and front of jersey - good for anyone with a paunch, but most importantly when Sagan is crossing the line, arms aloft, with the world’s media watching.

Kask Utopia helmet

Kask’s new aero helmet design was debuted by Team Sky in the Spring Classics earlier this year and is now starting to become more widely available. In typical Kask style, colours will range from the understated to the unmissable.

Ceepo time-trial concept bike

Ceepo has garnered a Eurobike award for its new TT bike design. A unique fork drastically reduces the bike’s frontal area and it forgoes a seat tube to save weight and improve efficiency.

While we aren’t likely to see this in the WorldTour anytime soon, it will likely fit right in among the weird and wonderful designs present at triathlons and Ironman events.

Poc Omne helmet

Poc has released its second road-going helmet that contains its proprietary safety technology. Spin integrates a sheering technology similar to MIPS into the helmet padding in an attempt to reduce rotational violence on the brain in the event of a crash.

The smart design and high build quality should make it a neat proposition for road riders and commuters alike.


Carbon-Ti specialises in exotic componentry to truly pimp out a bike. Its chainrings are proof that carbon can be used anywhere – a 3K weave inner section is bonded to titanium teeth for weight saving without a stiffness penalty.

The only place likely to take a hit is your wallet – each ring is around £200.

Scott Silverton SL wheelset

Scott’s Silverton SL wheels are only for mountain bikes at the moment but there are rumours that the brand is working on a road version.

The all-carbon, one piece wheelset weights just 1,250g, which is incredibly light for MTB wheels, and boasts some impressive stiffness figures thanks to their unusually advanced design.

Muc-Off women's-specific chamois cream

Slowly but surely, the cycling world is adjusting for women. Joining this change is Muc-Off who have launched its first ever women's specific chammy cream.

Made with natural ingredients, this chamois cream has a lower pH level and uses oils and Aloe Vera suitable for sensitive skin while also contain ing moisturising properties.

Bont Helix hi-vis

Bont has added an neat additional colourway to its range of shoes. Glass particles in the coating on the upper appear gun-metal grey in daylight but under artificial lights like camera flashes and car headlights flare up dazzling white. Who said style and safety couldn’t go hand in hand?

Knog wearable lights

With 40 hour steady-flash run time, 20 lumens, a USB port to recharge and a waterproof guarantee, these compact lights from Knog would be handy in as daytime and emergency lights. 

But the fact that they are wearable, simply sliding on and off via a rear clip, makes them that ever more useful. 

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