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Watch: Peter Sagan races a Grandma on an e-bike, really

Specialized launches its new Turbo e-bike with a little help from Sagan and Grandma Joan

Joe Robinson
18 Jul 2018

Specialized has taken to an alternative method in promoting its new Turbo e-bike by pitting three-time World Champion Peter Sagan up against Grandma Joan, an elderly woman with two knee replacements and a pacemaker.  

Despite being quick enough to ride into yet another green sprinter's jersey at the ongoing Tour de France, Sagan proves no match for the power of the Specialized Turbo e-bike on the incredibly steep gradients of San Francisco. 

Looking his usual sure self, Sagan appears through a haze of red mist, draped in his World Champion jersey atop his gold Specialized Tarmac, standing at the bottom of the climb.

Then comes 81-year-old Grandma Joan surrounded by a hoard of cheering fans with Slovakian flags. 

In true drag race fashion, both looked across at each other before setting off at the flag drop. Sagan, the showman, throws his bike to-and-fro as Joan spins up the climb, seated in the saddle, with a smile on her face.

Eventually, Joan gets to the top first having barely broken a sweat while Sagan looks as if he has gone 12 rounds with the cobbled bergs of Flanders

Obviously, the race is a marketing gimmick and Sagan could probably, maybe, have beaten Joan but it does show the effect that e-bikes can have. Joan did actually ride up that slope and she did make it look quite easy.  

The pedal-assist motor can reach speeds of 45kmh thanks to its 250w output, making cycling accessible to almost everyone as Grandma Joan shows in the video.

The Specialized Turbo range costs from £2,600 for the entry-level women's Vado to the fully tricked out S-Works Turbo Levo carbon mountain bike which will set you back £8,799.

There is a perception among some narrow minded sections of the cycling community that e-bikes are for the elderly and not true cyclists -  and this video may not help this stereotype - but with advancing technology and increasing sales they are definitely here to stay and if they help get more people on bikes, then lit's something to be celebrated.

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