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Strava Summit: New three tier subscription service from ride logging app

Dan Alexander
1 Aug 2018

Summit will replace Strava Premium and has three different packages for training, analysis and safety

The new Strava Summit subscription service comes with three distinct packages that can be accessed individually or as an all-inclusive bundle, and the new groupings have been designed to help athletes achieve goals and supplement their training.

Splitting features into three more focused packages allows members to access the features they find useful without paying for what they don’t use.

An Individual pack is £2.49 monthly or £18.99 for the whole year, a considerable saving for athletes who only use specific Premium features and don’t require a full subscription.

An all-inclusive trio of packages is £6.99 a month or £47.99 annually. Comparatively, the current Strava Premium offering costs £5.99 a month or £44.99 for a whole year.

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Summit is centred around goal setting, with Company CEO James Quarles explaining that 'ninety-two percent of Strava athletes who set goals remain active ten months later.'

The training package provides tools and insights to help athletes train smarter and use tailored training plans to work towards personal goals.

Custom goals can be set by time, distance, power or segment and activities can be analysed to enable the athlete to better monitor their training.

The Analysis package focuses on helping members get the most out of GPS, heart rate monitors and power meters by dissecting the data from their rides.

Members will be able to analyse their power or specific laps from their ride and the package also comes with the live segment and relative effort features from Strava Premium.

Designed to help riders stay safe when training, the safety package has heatmaps to help plan routes on quieter roads and the Beacon service allows safety contacts to view your real time location.

Existing premium members will retain access to all the advanced features at their current price.

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