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Raleigh releases special edition Burner BMX and super-cool balance bikes for 35th anniversary

Joe Robinson
8 Aug 2018

One of the most successful bikes of all time gets a revamp for the youth of today

In line with its 35th anniversary, Raleigh is launching a special edition Aero Pro Burner BMX to bring the coolest bike of the 1980s into the 21st century. The British brand is also releasing a limited edition range of children's balance bikes based on its classic bike.

The 35th-anniversary edition Aero Pro Burner will keep the chrome frameset and black finishing kit similar to when the bike was originally released in 1983.

When initially launched in the early 1980s, the Burner Aero Pro became an instant classic, selling thousands of units across the decade.

It also helped that Hollywood blockbuster hit, and one of most successful films of all time, E.T featured a BMX, which saw popularity for the bike reach the stars.

Product development manager at Raleigh, Jason Boness, hopes that this special edition bike will bring the same sense of fun experience in the early 1980s to children of today.

'This is one iconic bike that so many people across the country have fond memories of from their childhoods – it’s quite special,' said Boness.

'We hope this anniversary launch will inspire a new generation of Burner fans as well as providing the chance for existing fans to relive those special memories.'

For this special release, Raleigh is only producing 550 models with the bike being retailed at £600. Pre-registration of interest on the Raleigh site will probably be necessary if you are interested in purchasing.

Alongside this special edition Burner, Raleigh is also releasing two limited edition balance bikes based upon two of its classic bikes.

The Raleigh Burner balance bike will be styled on the popular BMX with its traditional blue, red, yellow and white paint scheme and tan-wall tyres fitting all aspects of the balance bike into this retro-looking frame.

There will also be the classic Sherwood, based upon the elegant city bike. This will come in a pink frame with matching tan tyres, saddle and handlebar grips.

The Sherwood will also come complete with a basket attached to the handlebars.

The Raleigh Sherwood balance bike will retail at £120 with it set to go on sale in August.

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