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New app shows how far you can get across London in 15 minutes using different modes of transport

Joe Robinson
9 Aug 2018

Travel Time unveils that cycling gets you further than public transport and the car at rush hour, obviously

If there was not enough evidence already to suggest that cycling is the most logical, time-efficient and healthiest way to travel around London, new app Travel Time could just be the thing to convert the last few naysayers.

Created by British-based software firm iGeolise, Travel Time maps out locations based on time rather than distance. 

All you have to do is input your current location, or allow the app access to your location services, and then choose a timeframe.

The app will then show you a pink filter over the map to show you how far you can reach in that allotted time.   

The app will then let you pick your mode of transport, choosing between cycling, driving, public transport and walking, adjusting the map in accordance to how far you could travel on your chosen form of transport.

Users can also add 25 minutes of walking to their journey, either before or after, in order to create a wider range. 

The app is completely free to download and is available on both iOS and Android.

Cyclist decided to use its hub in the very heart of London to see how far the app predicted we could get on various forms of transport in 15 minutes at 17:00 on a weekday.

Using Bloomsbury as the reference point in the app, we compared how far we could get by bike, car and public transport, and the results did not offer much in the way of a surprise.

Travelling by bike

If you were to travel by bike at 17:00 on a weekday, it would come as no surprise that the bike would get you furthest from your start destination. 

As can be expected, the pink range is pretty rounded suggesting that your distance away from where you started would be pretty even regardless of the direction you travel.

After 15 minutes travelling north, you could reach the upper limits of Camden Town while you would also be able to make Hyde Park and Hoxton if you headed west and east respectively.

One area of note is that unlike public transport and a car, a bike could take you from Bloomsbury to south of the river in just quarter of an hour.

Travel by car

Travelling by car in the city at rush hour is a nightmare. Endless queues, angry road users and the pumping out of toxic emissions make it ever-avoidable.

At 17:00, 15 minutes in a car would not be able to get you to Hyde Park and it wouldn't take you to Hoxton either. Head north and you will be struggling to reach most of Camden Town.

The biggest surprise comes when you head south. Try all you will, but quarter of an hour is not enough time to get you the other side of the river at rush hour.

Travelling by public transport

It comes as no surprise that public transport performs the worst of the three. Trying to catch a tube at rush hour will have you queuing on the platform while a bus will have you stuck in the congestion caused by private vehicles and taxis.

By the time you have caught the tube, its constant stopping means that you will barely reach Oxford Street heading west while Camden Town is a distant location to the north.

Again, like the car, public transport cannot reach south of the river proving that the bike is the best mode of transport in London.

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