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Quiz: Does riding a tandem with Kim Kardashian make you a road racer or mountain biker?

Cyclist magazine
20 Aug 2018

Lee Valley VeloPark reckons it can decide what type of rider you are based on your personality

Could choosing a tandem ride with Rihanna, Kim Kardashian or The Rock decide if you are a speed-obsessed track rider or adrenalin-fuelled BMXer? Or could deciding between a weekend away in Paris and a week on a sunny beach decide whether you are better suited to the road or a mountain bike trail?

The Lee Valley VeloPark believes that with these light-hearted questions it can decide which cycling discipline best suits your personality. 

The interactive quiz asks you five simple, multi-choice questions before telling you which discipline best suits you from the following - BMX, mountain bike, road riding, track riding and indoor spin studio.

The questions include what's your ideal holiday, where would you most likely be found on a Saturday night and which famous person would you share a tandem ride with. 

The quiz can be done online at this link here or alternatively below in a handy print version which can be shared around the office.

The quiz is highly inaccurate but it is a bit of fun and can easily kill five minutes this afternoon to make the end of the day come around that little bit quicker.

As a bonus, anybody who does the quiz will also be entitled to £5 off an introductory session of their choice whether that be on the Olympic track, BMX circuit of silky smooth road track.

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