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New Haute Route 'Infinity Pass' gives you entry to each event for price of one

Joe Robinson
26 Aug 2018

New pass to include entry to new Haute Route events in Oman and Mexico

The Haute Route has launched its new 'Infinity Pass' which will allow riders access to all 13 global events for less than the price of a single seven-day event. 

This fixed-fee model will allow buyers the opportunity to enter as many of the 13 various events across the world, unrestricted to both the seven-day and three-day routes between March and October including the Haute Route's latest additions, Haute Route Oman and Haute Route Mexico.

The Infinity Pass is set to be sold in three separate phases across 2018, with the first release of 50 passes set to be sold at €1,250.

The second phase of 500 passes will then retail at €1,450, less than the price of two regular three-day event entries. Once these have sold, a final third phase of will be released at €1,750.

This comes in at just €50 more than one single seven-day event. Alongside the Infinity Pass, single-entry registration to all the Haute Route will open on Monday 8th October with prices starting at €650 for the three-day event.

Entry to these 13 events will also include the new Oman and Mexico routes which will be added to the Haute Route calendar from 2019. 

The Haute Route Oman will kickstart the 2019 calendar on from 1st to 3rd March, taking riders around the Al Hajar mountain range allowing participants to experience middle-eastern culture and unique scenery.

The series will be bookended with the new three day Mexico event that will take place from 18th to 20th October. 

The event will be based around the climbs of the Valle de Bravo, taking in the pine and fir forests of the area including the Lago Avandaro.

Founder of the Haute Route series, Remi Duchemin, commented on the new pass and it's value for money.

'The Haute Route has been a pioneering force in the global endurance sports industry and the launch of the innovative Infinity Pass will cement our position as a leading player in amateur cycling,' he said.

'We felt compelled to take a leadership role in making our cycling experiences available thanks to our pricing model which is unprecedented throughout endurance sport.

'Cycling is now a truly worldwide phenomenon and we believe that the Infinity Pass will allow cyclists to experience exciting cycling events across the globe with the best value proposition in the market.'

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