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Silca launches new high-end pumps and tools

17 Oct 2018

A digital pump and elegant 'Y-wrench' set joins Silca's desirable yet expensive range

The Indianapolis-based pump and accessory manufacturer Silca has long left its Milanese home yet has not lost any of its European elegance, as it has shown with the latest additions to its pump and tools range.

Silca has introduced two new floor pumps, the Pista plus and Super Pista Digital, as well as a new Ypsilon 'Y-wrench' kit and finally the Sicuro carbon bottle cage.

Each new item is quintessentially Silca, handcrafted with elegance but not lacking in terms of high-end price to keep the brand's image as the leader in the pump and accessory design without any doubt.

Silca says that all items should be on shelves by November. Below, Cyclist takes a quick look at these new items and what they will add to Silca's illustrious range.

Silca SuperPista digital floor pump

Being third-generation and over 30-years-old, the SuperPista floor pump is long established in the Silca range yet has added two requests from both experienced mechanics and interested consumers. 

Firstly, a high-accuracy, backlit digital gauge that does not leave your tyre pressure down to chance and a gauge that sits higher up the pump, therefore making it more easily visible to the user.

The usual Silca smoothness is still ensured with an Italian leather plunger washer and German Igus linear bearings within a full metal shock piston design.

Retail price for this is recommended at £275, no surprise when considered against Silca's existing range.

Silca Pista Plus floor pump

At £145, the new Pista Plus floor pump is a little more reasonably priced compared to its digital cousin yet still retains a lot of what Silca is good at.

Silca says the 'Plus' stands for 'plus stability' which is provided by a three-footed aluminium base keeping the pump rooted to the floor and a lathe-turned ash wood handle based upon the high-end SuperPista Ultimate pump.

Silca also claims that by securing at the Schrader chuck, as opposed to the end Presta chuck, security when swapped to a disc wheel apadter or HIRO chuck is increased.

Silca Ypsilon Y-wrench home box kit

Silca says the Y-wrench design has been 'long preferred' by mechanics due to its 'ergonomic benefits making it more convenient and enjoyable to use.'

This particular Y-wrench comes with a selection of hex bits from 1.5mm to 6mm as wells as Torx and Screw bits that seamlessly attach to a 1/4" bit collet via magnetic attachment.

But what really sets this Ypsilon Y-wrench apart is the varnished birchwood box that it comes in with sections for all you bit ends and the tool itself, showcasing proudly like a medal.

This will set you back £110 and you can buy the tool alone for £35 but let's be honest, we all want the birchwood box.

Silca Sicuro carbon bottle cage

At 24g each, the Silca Sicuro carbon bottle cages manage to keep weight down without compromising on style too much. Mostly black, they are simple and will match most bikes.

Silca has also designed a cylindrical profile from bottom to top with a thicker carbon layup to prevent bottle ejection from road vibrations which it also claims has increased the bottle cage's life expectancy.

The bottle cage will retail at £70 each but that comes, again, as no surprise. 


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