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UK teen attempting to cycle around world has bike stolen in Australia

Joe Robinson
17 Oct 2018

Charlie Condell vows to ride on despite having bike and equipment stolen during the night

At just 18-years-old Charlie Condell was attempting to become the youngest rider to cycle solo around the world. That was until the bike he was using was stolen in Australia. 

The Bristol teenage discovered that his bike, camping equipment and passport had all been stolen after waking up on Tuesday morning in Townsville, Queensland.

This disheartening discovery occurred on day 103 of his trip, having departed the day after graduating from Clifton College, Bristol, in the summer.

The bike Condell was riding was a Cervelo R5 with Shimano Ultegra. Attached was a pair of clip-on time trial bars as well as Apidura bikepacking bags, which in total has an estimated worth of £4,000.

For many, that would been enough to call it a day but not for Condell who has vowed to continue his expedition once he has been able to source a new bike, equipment and passport. 

In an upbeat Instagram post, Condell spoke of how he would use this time to discover Australia a little further.

'Today has been rather mixed,' he wrote. 'Started of in a rather sub-ideal manner with my realisation that the bike had been stolen.

'Rather conflicted emotions throughout the day, as I've become more reminiscent of what we've been through! Getting it all sorted at the moment, and the people of Townsville have been awesome at getting involved!

'Radio interview today, and got a TV interview lined up for tomorrow! Very exciting,' Condell continued.

'Decided to use this delay as a great excuse to visit Magnetic Island - amazing day seeing wild koalas and feeding the birds of paradise!

'I do love Australia, and one bastard isn't going to change that option! Have a great day with whatever you're doing, and don't stop - ever!'

Before the incident, the 18-year-old had cycled across 17 different countries at around 100 miles per day to reach his goal of 18,000 miles in under eight months.

Condell now hopes to be back on his bike soon, aiming to complete the adventure by March 2019, before his 19th birthday.

This would see him break the record as the youngest rider to circumnavigate the globe by bike with the current record believed to be held by fellow Brit, Tom Davies, who was 19 when he finished his journey in 2015.

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