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British Cycling launches commuter-specific membership

Yearly coverage to cost £37 and targeted to offer commuters 'peace of mind'

Joe Robinson
31 Oct 2018

British Cycling today launches its first membership package targeted specifically for commuting cyclists which has been developed in reaction to the growing number of workers using a bike as transport.

The body says that this scheme will provide 'members with peace of mind liability insurance and legal cover, and a vital say in the organisation’s work to improve conditions for people on bikes in towns and cities across Britain.'

Within the membership, commuters would receive £15m third-party liability insurance, assistance from British Cycling's legal support team in case of an incident and retail discounts in selected cycling stores.

The cost of 12 months' cover will total £37 but also includes 30% off all See.Sense lights purchases, a brand that has partnered with British Cycling on the development of this new programme.

It also hopes the data gathered by this new scheme 'will establish a vital bank of insights and a collective commuters’ voice to encourage local and national government to improve conditions on our roads'. 

This comes a day after the Autumn Budget received criticism from charities, Sustrans and Cycling UK, for failing to adequately tackle the issues of pollution and congestion while also failing to find solutions that involve cycling.

Department for Transport figures suggests that 38% of all trips made by bicycle in the UK are for commuting although cycling accounts for just 2% of trips annually although in some areas, like Oxford and London, this is on higher.  

While trips by bike only account for this small figure, since 2005 membership with British Cycling has rocketed from 16,500 to 145,000, with the body now suggesting the distribution between leisure and competitive cyclists has reached an even 50:50 split, prompting this new membership as British Cycling's commercial director, Jonathan Rigby, explained.

'The growth in our membership over the past two decades has been astonishing, and we’re determined to accelerate this growth even further as we work towards our ambition of transforming Britain into a great cycling nation,' said Rigby.

'We’re delighted to be able to work closely with See.Sense on this launch as the insights we will receive from their patented sensors will help us to paint a really clear picture of cycle activity in Britain, and work alongside our city and regional partners to pinpoint the areas which need to be improved the most.'

Policy manager of British Cycling, Nick Chamberlin also spoke on the decision and the benefits cycling commuting can have.

'Many people are now beginning to wake up to the fact that commuting by bike is often the quickest, cheapest and most reliable transport option for their daily commute, and what’s more, in doing so they are also helping to combat air pollution and lead a healthier, more active life,' said Chamberlin.

'We hope that this new membership will encourage and support many more commuters to make the switch and discover these benefits for themselves.'