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Turbo art: Zwift user draws New York skyline with his power efforts

Joe Robinson
2 Nov 2018

Including the likes of the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building, this ride was pretty impressive

Start spreading the news, an avid user of virtual training app Zwift has celebrated the revealing of the game's latest map, New York, by drawing the city's famous skyline using his power output.

Greg Leo of Nashville, Tennessee proved that he wanted to work out in the city that doesn't sleep by posting his 35.1km ride to Strava that once all was finished saw the rider impressively draw some of New York's most recognisable towers.

For those who know the city, buildings such as the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building have been copied remarkably well while smaller blocks remain harder to identify but do resemble famous buildings such as Grand Central station.

To do this, Leo had to carefully put out the right power for just over an hour to draw the accurate skyline. This included riding at an average of 35kmh while putting out sudden bursts of effort to make the high spires.

Along the way, Leo found himself having to peak at 615w to create the highest point while also having to put in several bursts over 500w to create the likes of the Chrysler and Empire State.

Fortunately, Leo only had to average 197w while largely remaining in heart rate zone one across the entire ride, a manageable feat. 

While Strava art has been adopted by many, including Thibaut Pinot who recently drew a massive goat on a ride, the concept of Zwift art is relatively new, mainly because of the constrictions laid out by the map. 

But if Leo has started a trend, it will be interesting to see if others take his lead by emulating the skylines of other cities including London. 

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