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Pick a name for GM's new e-bike and win $10,000

The American car giant is entering the e-bike market, and wants your help in coming up with a name

Joe Robinson
15 Nov 2018

Car giant General Motors has just launched its first ever e-bike, now it wants you to decide what it should be called, with a prize of $10,000 up for grabs for the winning entry.

The company behind the likes of Chevrolet and Cadillac says the target when developing its compact e-bike was to create a product that produces 'zero crashes, zero emissions, zero congestion'.

For now it also has zero name, but that's where you come in. General Motors are asking the general public to come up with the name for this new GM e-bike brand with the winner receiving $10,000 for their troubles and nine fellow finalists to be rewarded with $1,000 each.

GM has outlined some criteria for the potential name, saying it needs to 'be embraced by city dwellers around the world' while helping bring the brand to life and inspiring people to choose e-bikes as their mode of transportation.

The ideal name should be 'simple, smart and bold', needs to trademarkable and should translate well into multiple languages without being jokey or offensive.

The new bike is GM's first venture into the electric bike market and will go on sale next year. The bike, its small battery pack and electric motors have all been developed in house, based on the company's existing electric car models, such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Two options will be available – a foldable and non-foldable version – and both will come with built-in lights and internet connection, although information on how the latter will actually work has yet to be released.

GM has also yet to indicate how much its new e-bike will cost, but it will likely be priced to compete with competitors such as the Brompton Electric, which retails at £2,595.

Entries for the naming competition should be accompanied by a 150-word explaining the reasoning behind the choice, with entries closing on the 26th November.

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