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Peter Sagan's official merchandise is as weird and wonderful as you would expect

Joe Robinson
20 Nov 2018

Everything from shower heads to bottle opening rings, Sagan's merchandise is as amazing as you'd expect

Peter Sagan has got to such a level of fame that the three-time World Champion has launched his own shop, filled with Peter Sagan-themed merchandise, and it is quite brilliant.

Cycling's biggest superstar has been busy building the Sagan brand over the past year with the release of his first biography, My Worldand now his own online store, found here, that has literally all you could wish for emblazoned with the Sagan name.

If the Paris-Roubaix champion is your absolute idol then why not treat yourself to the host of t-shirts in honour of the Slovakian, from a glow-in-the-dark skull to a t-shirt printed with the phrase 'Eat my Dust', perhaps a potential Christmas present for those fellow Classics men he left behind 50km outside of Roubaix this April.

Talking of Christmas, does anything say stocking filler more than a Peter Sagan bandana complete with skulls and a 90kmh sign (Sagan's speed limit apparently)? I don't think so.

It's not just clothing that Sagan has covered, no. Thanks to his team's sponsorship deal with German shower and tap manufacturers, Hansgrohe, you can treat yourself to a Peter Sagan edition hand shower.

It has three settings, a chrome finish and a five-year warranty. Practically a steal at €121.99.

But obviously, the best piece of merchandise you can buy to celebrate 'Peter the Great' is the Peter Sagan beer opener which only happens to double up as an 'aged-antique' brass ring.

Let's just hope my future fiancee is as big a Sagan fan as I am.