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UCI to add video commissaires and introduce new fines at WorldTour races

Daniel Ostanek
4 Dec 2018

New regulations for 2019 reveal dozens of new fines

The UCI has revealed that the use of video commissaires will be extended to selected WorldTour races for the 2019 season. This season saw the innovation trialled at Grand Tours, the World Championships and four of the five Monuments.

One notable incident that called the video commissaire into action during the 2018 season involved Gianni Moscon. The Italian Sky rider was thrown off the Tour de France after video evidence saw him strike Fortuneo-Samsic rider Elie Gesbert.

Additional changes to the UCI regulations have seen a swathe of fines added to the rulebook, with 27 pages in total for riders and team to digest before the new season kicks off.

Fines range in severity, with offences committed at the World Championships and during WorldTour races costing more than the same rule infringements committed at lower-ranked events.

A number of offences are singled out for specific punishments, from 'starting a race without signing on' (CHF1,000) and 'taking off clothing contrary to regulations' to 'spraying a rider with liquid from a vehicle', 'riders undertaking part of the race route on foot' (CHF500 and disqualification) and 'discarding litter outside the authorised litter zones' (CHF200-500), which is well overdue.

The full list can be read here, from section 2.12.007 onwards.

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