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Junior women’s cyclocross race to debut in Belgium

Daniel Ostanek
7 Dec 2018

Helen100 Trophy brought to life by cyclocross legends Helen Wyman and Sven Nys

In a first for cyclocross racing in Belgium, a junior women’s race will be held during Azencross at Louenhout on the 28th December.

The initiative for the race, which will be named the Helen100 Trophy, comes from British cyclocross legend Helen Wyman, and will have a prize fund equal to that of the UCI junior boys race.

Held at 10am on the morning before the under-23 and Elite DVV Trofee races, the Helen100 Trophy will be open to riders in the 14- to 16-year-old category (known as Youth A in the UK). The race will be run at National level, rather than the UCI status of the junior boys race.

‘I’m really pleased that [DVV Trofee organiser] Golazo were so receptive to taking this huge step for junior women’s racing,’ said Wyman.

‘To allow junior women the chance to race against each other is huge progress for our sport.’

‘With a World Championships for juniors next season, it’s more important than ever to have opportunities like these created,’ she added.

‘Golazo have recognised that with the inclusion of the Helen100 Trophy at this year’s Loenhout cyclocross.’

The news is the latest in a series of positive developments for junior women’s cyclocross. Back in June, the UCI confirmed plans to add a junior women’s race at the 2020 Cyclocross World Championships, while the same category is slated to be added to the UCI Cyclocross World Cup series the following season (2020-21).

Wyman started the Helen 100 project earlier this year, raising £3,350 towards the goal of paying for up to 100 riders under the age of 23 to enter the UK National Cyclocross Championships in 2019.

Elsewhere, Sven Nys, who also helped found the Helen100 Trophy, runs the Sven Nys Academy, which provides ‘cross and bike safety training to young girls and boys.