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Strava user draws 66km Father Christmas

Joe Robinson
15 Dec 2019

Anthony Hoyte bests his previous giant Snowman with intricate Father Christmas face on streets of Birmingham

'Tis the season to be jolly and also spend your Saturday riding 66km in and around Birmingham in order to create some Strava art that resembles Father Christmas.

Well at least that's what Anthony Hoyte did one weekend in December 2018, and as Christmas is upon us again we thought we'd take a look back at his handiwork. The following year he was back with a giant reindeer.

The Birmingham local took time out of his weekend to get Strava users into the festive spirit by drawing the face of Saint Nick, taking a slow and steady ride around the Midlands city.

To get the remarkable detail in his virtual drawing, Hoyte rolled around the city averaging just 14.4kmh for just over four and a half hours, often even going back on himself in order to complete such features as the eyes and mouth, which centred around the tight and winding streets of Birmingham city centre.

After getting the detailed bits cracked, Hoyte then went on a more leisurely ride around the suburbs to complete Santa's big beard and famous red hat. 

Impressively, Hoyte manages to get the drawing perfect with no wrong turns causing unfortunate blemishes, which suggests a long period of planning before the ride, enough to definitely get him on the nice list.


Such excellent efforts has been widely praised among the Strava community with some even calling Hoyte cycling's answer to Banksy.

Hoyte himself has become quite the expert at these elaborates Strava drawings first becoming famous for etching out a giant 142km snowman around the streets of Central and South London the year before his Father Christmas ride.

Since then, Hoyte has also headed to Cardiff and Leeds for more of this brilliant pieces of art drawn by bike.

Even the professionals got in on the Strava art act as Thibaut Pinot took to the Venton Massif region of France to etch out a 208km-long goat in a training ride.

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