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Strava's year in sport 2018: Box Hill reigns again

Strava says that UK riders are fastest in Northern Ireland and ride furthest in their sixties

Joe Robinson
13 Dec 2018

Strava's 2018 review has been released and shows that UK riders are fastest on Tuesday and in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, likely to ride furthest if in their sixities and most likely to mention coffee after their ride. 

Cyclists in the UK logged 8.9% more rides on Strava in 2018 than the year before with users covering a remarkable 1 billlion kilometres in 42.3 million rides. This helped contribute to a total of 8.5 billion kilometres registered on the app worldwide. 

Strava also told us that riders in the UK post a higher average speed on Tuesdays, 22.35kmh, while are slowest on Sundays, averaging 21.84kmh. 

These average speeds are helped but the UK's quickest town Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, with riders averaging 26.1kmh, almost 4kmh quicker than Scotland's fastest area, North Lanarkshire. 

The Northern Irish ride faster on average than the rest of the UK, averaging at 23.6kmh per ride while also riding further at around 38.9km per ride, over 10km more than in Scotland.  

These long average distances are helped along by those in their sixties, with those between 60 and 69 riding further, on average, than any other age group in the UK. Those born in 1950s also gain the most elevation per ride, too, proving they are far from slowing down into retirement just yet.

Commuting was also popular in 2018 with 31% more registered rides to and from work. It was especially popular in the Essex town of Thurrock which averaged the most weekly trips by bike to work, much higher than the national average. 

Those cycling Thurrock folk also helped to provide a carbon offset of 89.7million kg of CO2 in the UK alone. 

The most active day of cycling in the UK this year was Tuesday 26th June with 181.3k posts, coinciding with the final stage of the Tour de Suisse, although we doubt there is any correlation. 

Yet again, Box Hill proved itself the most popular Strava segment not only in the UK, but in the entire world. It boasted no less than 492,520 attempts on the zig-zag hill while, as expected, coffee is the favourite vice of two-wheeled pedalers. It appears in Strava activity titles 491,000 times worldwide.

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