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Man pleads guilty to killing Chris Boardman’s mother by careless driving

Martin James
17 Dec 2018

Liam Rosney changes plea on lesser remaining charge ahead of second court case after fatal 2016 incident

A 33-year-old male driver has pleaded guilty to causing the death of Chris Boardman’s mother by running her over after she fell off her bike in 2016.

Carol Boardman, 75, died in July 2016 when she fell off her bike and Liam Rosney drove over her at a roundabout in Deeside, Flintshire in North Wales.

Rosney changed his plea on the charge of causing death by careless driving, though denied the more serious charge of causing death by dangerous driving, as his trial on the charges was due to start at Mold crown court today.

Jurors had already been sworn in for the trial, which was expected to last for three or four days, before being discharged after Rosney changed his plea – the second time the jury has been discharged in connection with the case.

In July, Rosney had faced trial on the same charges, as well as accusations that he and his wife Victoria had perverted the course of justice following the incident by allegedly deleting call logs that would have proved Rosney was speaking to his wife while driving in the moments leading up to the incident.

However, four days into the trial the jury was discharged and directed to return not guilty verdicts as Judge Rhys Rowlands ruled that neither defendant could be fairly convicted of the charge.

The trial on the initial charges was reconvened for this week, but will now not take place at all following Rosney’s admission of guilt.

Sentencing is set to take place on 31st January, with the judge telling Rosney that all sentencing options would be open to him.

Reporting on Rosney’s change of plea, the Press Association said Rowlands admitted the guilty plea would attract some credit during sentencing, but 'nowhere near as much' as if it had come when Rosney was originally on trial earlier this year.

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