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Cyclists over 50 most active in UK, Strava data shows

Joe Robinson
19 Dec 2018

The older you get the more you appreciate the simple pleasure of riding a bike

New data shows that the UK's older generation are the most active, with those in there 50s riding further and faster than any other age group. 

The stats also showed that those in their 50s are also recording almost double the number of annual activities than those posted by millennials between the age of 18 and 29.  

Online app Strava digested data from 36 million users in its 'Year in Sport Report' looking closely at the 1 billion kilometres ridden across the 42.3 million rides posted by riders in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

It was the generation remembered as the 'baby boomers', born between 1959 and 1968, that get out on two wheels most closely followed by those in their sixties. 

Those in their 50s were also the fastest cyclists, on average, in Scotland and Northern Ireland while it was those in middle age, the 40s age group, who were quickest in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

While you may guess that the youngsters are the busiest training indoors it was actually those in their 40s unfolding the turbo trainers and switching on programmes such as Trainer Roads and Zwift. 

Young riders also proved unsociable beasts compared to those in their 50s as the latter saw two thirds regularly take part in group rides, maybe a sign as to why the traditional cycling clubs seem to be lacking in younger members.

Although, it's not all worries for the millennials as riders in the UK rode in larger groups than the worldwide average.

It also comes as no surprise that those in their 70s find the most time to ride their bike, enjoying retirement and keeping young, with their collective rides totalling to 1 hour 55 minutes on average.

UK Strava manager, Gareth Mills, spoke on the data stating that it simply showed how important exercising together is.

'We’ve analysed billions of athletic data points from Strava’s 36 million members and put them to good use for Strava’s Year in Sport 2018 report.

'As we hit 2 billion activities uploaded from the community, one thing that stands out especially is the importance of social exercise,' said Mills.

'Our data shows that sociability dramatically improves motivation - joining a club, setting a goal and exercising in a group - all boost activity. I love seeing that running and cycling activity rates continue to rise as we get older.

'Perhaps those of us in the younger age brackets should consider putting our phones down and find time to get out and exercise more.'

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