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Customer concerns as cycle retailer Ubyk ceases trading

Peter Stuart
2 Jan 2019

The status of outstanding orders remains unclear as Ubyk ceases trading but has not yet been registered for insolvency

UK bike store and e-commerce website Ubyk has reportedly entered liquidation, leaving many online commentators complaining of unfulfilled orders worth thousands of pounds.

In a statement acquired by Cycling Industry News, it was confirmed that the independent cycling retailer, which operates stores in Brighton and Oxfordshire, had entered into liquidation as a result of 'trading troubles'. Another company, Peak Bikes, is understood to be attempting to take on the assets, equipment, website and stores of the company. 

However, the current status of the company is somewhat opaque. An automatic response to all email addresses offered for contact claims that Ubyk has stopped trading, but at present its Companies House records do not indicate any insolvency action and suggest the company is still active.

The Gazette, the UK's official public record, also shows there to be no Insolvency Notices for the company, though it is possible the necessary documents may still be being processed.

Currently, the Ubyk website has been closed down citing 'site maintenance and updates' while local press reports have noted that the Brighton store has been 'closed for a refit'. 


Comments on the online forum of indicate that uncertainty over the current status of the company has created problems for some customers who are pursuing refunds for unfulfilled orders.

An entry on the website Trustpilot quoted an alleged email response from Peak Bikes claiming, 'Peak Bikes have not billed you for an order yet. Ubyk Limited took your payment originally and to get your money back from them you will need to do this by seeking a refund from your credit card provider or payment provider.'

These various concerns have led to numerous negative reviews on Trustpilot, with Ubyk rating now a 'poor' 3.2/10.

Peak Bikes appears to be responding actively and helpfully to requests for information. Details of any sale remain unclear, though. Peak Bikes Limited was a dormant company for the year up to 28th February 2018.

Peak Bikes has offered us confirmation that 'Ubyk Limited have ceased trading and have gone in to liquidation', and we await further confirmation of the nature of any potential sale.

Many online commenters have claimed to have success with obtaining refunds through credit card payment refunds or through Paypal directly.

We have contacted Ubyk for further information on its status and await a response.

Title image by DadOneNineSevenEight

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