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Gallery: Education First's new Rapha kit revealed

Jack Elton-Walters
11 Jan 2019

The new kit was revealed in Australia ahead of its first outing at the season opening races Down Under

'The new visual identity of the EF Education First pro cycling team [is] designed to disrupt the appearance of the professional peloton,' so says Rapha about its return to the men's WorldTour after two years away.

Disrupt is a popular term nowadays for anything that's trying to be different or catch your attention, but regardless of the hyperbole the kit should certainly be easy to spot throughout the season.

There was a time not all that long ago that jibes could have been made that the riders on Jonathan Vaughters's team would have been easy to spot by their position towards the rear of the peloton and never on the podium.

But all that has changed in recent years with riders such as Michael Woods leading a renewed charge for glory.

Now dressed in what I'd imagine is the colour palette of Taylor Phinney's dreams, Education First's season will open with the Australian races before a switch back to Europe for the Spring Classics and early stage races.

The kit is being sold in men's, women's and children's cuts along with a range of accessories, all of course in the same tie dye colouring.

Rider reactions

Rapha recorded and shared, apparently unedited, some of the riders' reactions from when they first saw the kit at a training camp in December.

'Fo’ sho’ dude, nobody looks this cool. I’ve always wanted to be part of a team where I felt good in kit' - Taylor Phinney

'I love it. That’s something that’s never been seen in the peloton before. My wife is going to love this – we’re going to be seen
from outer space. It’s complicated but it’s very simple too. It’s the attention to detail – it’s very carefully thought out from top to bottom' - Lawson Craddock

'I think this will be the best looking kit out there. We’re gonna look slick. The way it blends in together is perfect, you guys did an excellent job. We’ll stand out' - Nat Brown