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Beryl Pixel front or rear bike light review

11 Jan 2019

The Beryl Pixel can be a front or rear light, it's small and light, and very reasonably priced

Cyclist Rating: 
• It can be a front light or a rear light • Lightweight and small so ideal for keeping in a backpack
• Hard to fault

This isn't a light for illuminating trails or for lighting the way through the lanes during an early ride on a winter's day, but nor is it trying to be. The Beryl Pixel is a small accessory for urban riding and commuting that can be thrown in a backpack for emergencies or as additional illumination to make sure you're seen by other road users.

It can also be employed if you're planning to use one of London's Santander Cycles, where the bult-in lights - now also supplied by Beryl - are arguably far too close to the ground.

How is the average motorist supposed to be able to send text messages, drive and see a commuting cyclist ahead if the bike's lights are below bonnet height? You know which of the three tasks is the lowest priority for most, anyway.

Attach this to the rear of your helmt, backpack or even clothing and increase the chances of grabbing a driver's attention away from their phone screen.

Front or rear, full or heartbeat

The single button operation is very easy to use and switches the light from intense white (5 hour battery life), to intense red (5h), to heartbeat white (10h), to heartbeat red (10h).

The 'heartbeat' function, as Beryl calls it, sees the light pulsate to better attract attention than a constant blaze of light would.

The ability to be a front or rear light certainly isn't unique to this brand, but it does emphasise the versatility of the product. Lightweight at 25g (with bracket) and very small, it can go unnoticed in a backpack until it's needed to act as either white or red as required.

As mentioned, this is very much a light for being seen rather than for seeing where you're going but that's exactly what it's been made to do so this is in no way a reason for criticism.

Clip it on and go, and the average commuter should get through a whole working week before needing to charge the unit.


A lightweight and versailite little light that could get you home if you've forgotten to charge the main lights on your bike, the Beryl Pixel has proven to be worth every penny of its very reasonable £19.99.

Beryl Pixel: Specifications

Key features

• Attach anywhere: Pixel can be fixed to bike, backpack, helmet or clothes
• Lightweight: 18g (25g with bracket)
• Waterproof
• USB charge: recharges with standard USB, 100% in 1.5 hours

Battery life

• White steady: 5 hours
• White heartbeat: 10 hours
• Red steady: 5 hours
• Red heartbeat: 10 hours


• Length: 48mm
• Width: 32mm
• Height: 15mm


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