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'Tour de Zwift' attracts over 100,000 worldwide users as virtual app continues to grow

Joe Robinson
8 Feb 2019

Multi-day event proves popular as online app continues to stake claim in cycling market

The recent Tour de Zwift has laid claim to being 'virtually' the largest cycling event ever as over 100,000 people took part in the multi-stage race on the online platform.

In total, 119,076 Zwift users around the world took to the online training app to ride the nine-stage Tour de Zwift throughout January, clocking an impressive 13,017,503km collectively which is enough to circumnavigate the world 314 times.

The event was based around nine individual stages spread out across Zwift's five virtual worlds - Watopia, London, New York, Richmond and Innsbruck - seeing a grand total of 24,758 users complete all nine stage throughout the month.

Stage 1 of the event, a 44km loop of Zwift's Jungle circuit, became the app's most popular event to date with 43,182 riders completing the activity on 3rd January, the equivalent of 198 Grand Tour pelotons. 

This also helped build towards a combined elevation gain of 180,025,715m for the active riders - enough to have scaled Mount Everest 19,665 times - and saw 297,224,138 calories collectively burned, most likely needed coming so soon after Christmas.

To account for the issue of time zones, Zwift had to run a total of 468 events throughout the month to allow riders across the world to participate in the same stages which included a summit finish on Box Hill and a recreation of the 2015 Richmond and 2018 Innsbruck World Championships among its courses.

This adds to a big few months for the California-based company. 

In December 2018, the company announced the securing of a $120 million investment as it continued its 'commitment both to growing its new running discipline and also to expanding into esports.'

The latter materialised last month as Zwift launched its first-ever professional esports cycling league in London, which is currently seeing a collection of both professional men's and women's teams participating multi-event online racing league.  

In March, it will also host the inaugural British Cycling eRacing Championships in London with the men's and woman's winner both taking home £1,000.

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